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S-Lab Resources and Tools

As the S-Lab project progresses we hope to have more resources on sustainable laboratories including:

A tool to audit your laboratory energy use
Information and guidance on best practice laboratory management

Please visit for resources to improve laboratory design.

Other useful resources can be found below:

LabRATS Shut the Sash Fume Hood stickers and Equipment Powerdown stickers

See downloads at the bottom of the page which include a pdf of the LabRATS Shut the Sash Fume Hood sticker and an Adobe Illustrator File which is editable.  UK Universities and Colleges are welcome to edit the sticker to fit the context of their campus and preferences of their lab safety and sustainability groups.

The Equipment Powerdown Sticker Templates were made by Amorette Getty (  for  UCSB’s LabRATS program in 2010. They are optimized for Avery ¾” stickers (5462 (yellow), 5466 (red), 5468 (green)), since we felt these would fit best on tight equipment front panels.  The original template file is downloadable on the Avery website. Printing should be done using a Laser Printer, not an InkJet. The Always Power Down sticker should be printed on 5468 green Avery round stickers. The Automatically Sleeps and Follow Power Down SOP stickers should be printed on 5462 yellow Avery round stickers. The Do NOT Power Down stickers should be printed on 5466 red Avery round stickers.

Grateful thanks to the LabRATS team at University of California, Santa Barbara, for use of these stickers.

University of Newcastle's Switch Off stickers

The University of Newcastle have produced their own traffic light powerdown stickers (Switch Off, Check Before Switch Off and Do Not Switch Off) which can be downloaded below. Grateful thanks to Daniel O'Connor at the University for use of these.

Useful websites

 GEMS (Greener Educational Materials) for Chemists - an extensive database of educational materials on green chemistry developed by the University of Oregon. 

Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence - research centre based at the University of York which aims to promote the development and implementation of green and sustainable chemistry and related technologies into new products and processes.

Green Chemistry Network - self-funding organisation based at the University of York to promote awareness and facilitate education, training and practice of Green Chemistry in industry, commerce, academia and schools.

HEaTED - a project funded by HEFCE to provide support, training and materials for the professional development of technical, specialist and managerial staff in Higher Education throughout the UK.

Lab 2020 - a German research project focussed on improving the efficiency and productivity of process-related, architectural and technology aspects of laboratories.

LABrats - a program originally developed by Allen Doyle at the University of California to facilitate sustainable practices in lab management. Contains many useful resources including lab data sheets.

US Labs 21 - a voluntary partnership program dedicated to improving the environmental performance of U.S. laboratories sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Department of Energy (DoE).

Laboratory Management and Science Associations

Association of Research Managers & Administrators (ARMA)                 

Association for Clinical Biochemists (UK)                                         

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BSRC)                 

Council for the Central Laboratory of the research Councils (CCLRC)     

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)               

Engineering Managers in Universities (EMU)                                             

Institute of Science Technology                                                              

Medical Research Council                                                                      

National Association Biochemical and Biological Sciences Managers (NABBS)           

National Environment Research Council                                                 

National Working Party Laboratory Supplies                                                

Royal Society                                                                                         

Royal Society of Chemistry                                                              

Universities Chemistry Superintendents and Adminstrators (UCLAS)        

University of Bioscience Managers Associations (UBMA)                        

Universities Safety & Health Association

Useful Publications (see under publications for S-Lab publications)

Although somewhat dated, the following Carbon Trust publications provide a useful overview, both available from the Carbon Trust:
GPG320 Energy efficient design and operation of fume cupboards. 2002. 
ECG083. Energy Use in Government Laboratories, 2002.




Shut the Sash Fume Hood Sticker
Shut the Sash sticker Adobe Editor file
Always Powerdown sticker
Do NOT Powerdown sticker
Follow Powerdown SOP sticker
Automatically Sleeps sticker
Newcastle Switch Off stickers


Laboratory Improvement Grants - Information
This document provides details of a 100,000 fund that is available for laboratory improvement projects in HEFCE supported institutions as part of their Catalyst funding for the S-Lab: Supporting World Class Science initiative. It is envisaged that the fund will support 8-10 projects, through a competitive application process.
WORD document  File Date: 14/05/14 | Filesize: 34 Kb

Laboratory Improvement Grants Application form
This document is an application form for small grants which are available for laboratory improvement projects in HEFCE supported institutions as part of their Catalyst funding for the S-Lab: Supporting World Class Science initiative. It is envisaged that the fund will support 8-10 projects, through a competitive application process.
WORD document  File Date: 02/05/14 | Filesize: 58 Kb

Speaker Presentations and Video Interviews from 2012 S-Lab Conference
Access 50 Conference presentations, and 12 3-5 minute video interviews with selected speakers, including keynotes Wendell Brase, Vice-Chancellor of University of California Irvine; Neil Crossan of AstraZeneca; Jeremy Frey, Professor of Physical Chemistry at Southampton; Colin Gilmore Merchant of HOK; and Richard Middleton of Lilly.
WORD document  File Date: 16/01/13 | Filesize: 40 Kb

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