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HEEPI's publications on lab energy benchmarking and other aspects of sustainable lab design/management can be viewed below. Labs 21 has many useful publications on laboratory design and operation, which can be accessed through

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Good Laboratory Design Principles
WORD document  File Date: 27/08/14 | Filesize: 37 Kb

S-Lab Environmental Assessment Framework Implementation Guide
Discusses the use and benefits of using the Framework (and its incorporation into the Green Impact 'lab tab), with five cases on Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester and Queens' Universities plus Genentech.
WORD document  File Date: 16/10/13 | Filesize: 278 Kb

S-Lab Environmental Assessment Framework Credits
Credit definitions, guidance and evaluation advice for 2013-14
WORD document  File Date: 10/10/13 | Filesize: 411 Kb

Laboratory Sharing and Reuse of Software - a Comparison
This document provides details of four software packages that help laboratories to share, reuse or recycle equipment and resources. It originated in the presentations and discussions at an S-Lab workshop at the University of Strathclyde in April 2013, held as part of a Scottish Funding Council supported project base at the University of Edinburgh. An S-lab summary of the key features of the software is below, and is followed by further details provided by the suppliers (but not validated by S-Lab – caveat emptor).
WORD document  File Date: 03/06/13 | Filesize: 53 Kb

The Effective Laboratory Conference Programme
Details of the Effective Laboratory Conference Programme is available here for down load. The first day of the conference is being held in association with EMU, UBMA and UCLAS, when these associations will be holding there own conferences within the main conference. The conference will have general keynotes in the morning (see below), and eight parallel sessions in the afternoon (see full list in the downloadable document below). This will allow all the different laboratory communities (technical staff, researchers, facilities etc.) and disciplines (chemistry, life sciences etc.) to find content of interest. Many of the parallel session presentations will be on shortlisted applications for the S-Lab Awards 2013.
PDF document  File Date: 30/05/13 | Filesize: 485 Kb

2013 Effective Laboratory Conference and S-Lab Awards shortlist
A flyer which describes the 2013 Effective Laboratory Conference and also lists the organisations shortlisted for the S-Lab 2013 Awards and the associated titles is available here.
PDF document  File Date: 22/03/13 | Filesize: 186 Kb

The Effective Laboratory - Results of the 2012 S-Lab Awards and Conference
A report identifying best practice and strategic developments in laboratory design, management and operation, based on discussions at our 2012 York conference and case studies of the 28 winning and shortlisted applications for the 2012 Awards. You can also access 50 of the conference presentations and 12 video interviews with speakers via the Resources and Tools section. The interviews include ones with keynotes Wendell Brase, Vice-Chancellor of University of California Irvine; Neil Crossan of AstraZeneca; Jeremy Frey, Professor of Physical Chemistry at Southampton; Colin Gilmore Merchant of HOK; and Richard Middleton of Lilly. The report's points include: • 96% of post-conference survey respondents felt that there is scope to significantly increase laboratory efficiency and effectiveness without compromising quality of work and safety. • Key factors in achieving this are more pressure from funders of lab work; more focus on the topic by senior staff, and more cross-functional working, e.g. between technical staff and facilities (all chosen by over 50% of respondents). • New laboratory designs can double space utilisation, and reduce capital costs per scientist by 30% or more compared to predecessors. • Hundreds of millions of pounds could be saved over coming years by reducing unnecessary consumption and waste of chemicals, energy, materials, water and other resources. • IT will transform future laboratory practices and layouts, with more use of tablet computers, 4G telephony, electronic laboratory notebooks, cloud computing, simulation and specialist social networks (including ones with ‘blogging machines’). • Fast changing environments mean that adaptability is a key design issue, with some pharma companies now requiring an ‘exit strategy’ as part of the business case for any new or refurbished building in case science changes make it redundant within a few years. • Lab security is an increasingly important issue – for example, US experts found that they could source all components needed to build a CL3 lab from the Internet. The report can be downloaded from either (our main site) or (the 2013 Awards and Conference site). Its' key aim is to demonstrate to senior managers that there are many opportunities to improve laboratory performance and so it is being sent to all VCs and Estates Directors in STEM-intense universities. If you'd like us to send additional copies to STEM-related PVCs or other senior lab decision-makers in your institution please send us details.
PDF document  File Date: 16/01/13 | Filesize: 1,206 Kb

Summary of all S-Lab Outputs
Summary of all S-Lab briefing papers, cases, reports and tools as of June 2012
PDF document  File Date: 06/07/12 | Filesize: 321 Kb

Lab News Article on S-Lab Awards
Lab News has published an article How effective is your lab in the May 2012 issue of its magazine.
PDF document  File Date: 04/05/12 | Filesize: 341 Kb

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