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Energy Dashboards and Displays

14th June 2011 University of Oxford


A workshop organised by several JISC-funded projects to examine the display and use of building energy information. The event had two separate elements – a morning workshop focused on information and behavioural change, and an afternoon session focusing on dashboards and displays. It was funded by JISC, and was a joint initiative of three JISC Green IT projects – Open to Change (De Montford, Lincoln and Oxford Universities), RECSO (Responsible Energy Costs, led by Forum for the Future), and DELTA at the University of Bradford (also involving the SusteIT initiative).

Presentations can be either downloaded or found at links below.

Campaign design exercise. JISC Open to change project.
Howard Noble, PI, Open to Change, University of Oxford

Derek Foster, University of Lincoln

Energy Dashboards at De Montfort University – the Greenview Project and Other Work
Dr. Richard Bull, Research Fellow, Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, De Montfort University

How can Energy Information Motivate Behavioural Change?
Howard Noble, PI, Open to Change, University of Oxford

Energy Dashboards at the University of Bradford – General and Laboratory-Specific
Russell Smith, Estate Manager and Hilary Pape, Lecturer, University of Bradford.

Energy Dashboards and Change Programmes at the University of Manchester
Jon Ashley, Business Support Manager, David Callaghan, Estates IT Officer, and Damian Oatway, Assistant Mechanical and Energy Engineer, Directorate of Estates

Information Files:
Foster - Electromagnates
Bull - Energy dashboards at De Montford
Smith and Pape - Energy Dashboards at Bradford
Ashley and Oatway - Energy Dashboards at Manchester