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Greening Data Centres and Storage

7th September 2010 University of Cardiff

This free event was a collaboration between two JISC-funded projects, one on greening scientific computing, and the other on greening data storage, and featured practical actions to reduce energy consumption of data centres. The morning focussed on Cardiff's own activities, including it's innovative HPC cluster, which uses water cooling, high efficiency UPS and other means to achieve one of the sector's lowest PUE's. The afternoon featured a presentation on the winner of the Green Data Centre category at the 2009 Data Centre Leaders Awards. Topics included hot aisle/cold aisle configurations, energy efficient equipment and layouts, free cooling and heat recovery. 

The presentations from the event can be downloaded below:

Energy Efficient Data Centres – An Overview
Peter James, Professor of Environmental Management, and Director, SusteIT

Green IT at Cardiff – Overview
Chris Dickson, Senior Consultant - Research and Environmental Development, University of Cardiff

Greening Storage
Paul Rock, Principal Consultant Engineer, and Project Manager, Planet Filestore project

Holistic, Energy Efficient, Design and Operation of Cardiff’s HPC Cluster
Dr, Hugh Beedie, Chief Technology Officer; University of Cardiff

Greening Commercial Data Centres
Leonard Kay, Business Development Director, Custodian (Winner, Green Data Centre category, 2009 Data Centre Leaders Awards)

Information Files:
Peter James - Energy efficient data centres
Chris Dickson - Green IT at Cardiff
Paul Rock - Greening Storage
Hugh Beedie - Cardiff's energy efficient HPC Cluster
Leonard Kay - Greening Commercial Data Centres